YES! We do run PHP in CGI Mode under your own user account so you won't suffer common problems with uploading images, extensions and security updates - and won't have to set insecure permissions like 777 to work around such issues.

Cpanel included on all plans

Joomla web hosting optimised for performance & security.

End Joomla hosting compatibility problems for good!

Get free Joomla installation and a smooth running site by choosing the right foundation, and say goodbye to file upload problems, permissions issues and other Joomla hosting compatibility headaches!

JoomStar's Joomla hosting is built on a platform that was created from the ground up with Joomla performance and compatibility in mind.

Prepaid plans start from just $17.40 / mo, including free Joomla installation & proactive core security patching!

We Patch Your Site For You!*

free-joomla-core-patchingKnowing that many Joomla users don't patch (until they get hacked usually), we apply core Joomla security patches for you - for free!

Compared to the cost of doing this yourself, paying your designer to do it, or getting hacked, it puts JoomStar way ahead on value!

It's peace of mind and a good reason to choose the only host who will do this for you.
* Conditions apply, excludes 3rd party extensions & templates.

Site Security Plus™

site-security-plusOn our Professional Plan & above, enjoy the extra protection of
Site Security Plus™

It includes coverage by malware scanning service (scanned daily - normally $89 USD/yr) plus a commercial Joomla security suite installed in your site, (with free installation, configuration and monitoring) as well as a range of important security tweaks applied to your site itself, all inclusive!
* Conditions apply